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Food that makes you feel good

Food is life. It gives us the nourishment we need to stay alive and be healthy. Usually, we eat because we are hungry or need energy. Brian Wansink, a professor at the University of Illinois, says we also eat certain foods because they make us feel good, and remind us of happy memories. Wansink calls this kind of food comfort food. For some people, ice cream is a comfort food. For others, a bowl of noodle soup makes them feel good.

How does a food become comfort food? Professor Wansink believes that we connect food with important times, feelings, and people in our lives. "When I was a child, my mother made a delicious soup; I loved it. Now, I often eat this soup when I am tired or worried, and it helps me feel better," says one of Wansink's coworkers.

Do men and women choose different comfort foods? Wansink's research  at the University of Illinois says "yes." In his study, the favorite comfort food for both men and women was ice cream. After this, men usually preferred hot, savory foods like soup or noodles. Women liked sweet things such as chocolate and cookies. Men and women like to eat comfort food when they are happy, but women eat these foods more when they are sad or worried.
Not all comfort food is junk food. About 40 percent of the comfort foods in Wansink's study were healthy main dishes or soups and vegetables. It shows, says Wansink, that a comfort food can taste good and be good for you.

. nourishment:    alimento, nutrição
. bowl:    tigela
. noodle soup:    sopa de macarrão
. coworkers:    companheiro/a de trabalho
. junk food:    comida que não faz bem à saúde.


1.    Concerning the text  why do we usually eat?
2.    According to Brian Wansink why do we also eat?
3.    According to Brain Wansink how does a food become comfort food?
4.    According to the professor, what kind of comfort food do men prefer? Why?
5.    And what about the women?
6.    According to the professor, are all comfort foods junk foods?
7.    Make a summary of this text.

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