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Verbo haver - There to be (There is / There are) - Presente Simples


O verbo there to be significa haver.
No presente simples este verbo apresenta duas formas:

There is
There are

Afirmativa:     There is a table in the house. (Há uma mesa na casa.)
Negativa:        There is not a table in the house. (Não há uma mesa na casa.)
Interrogativa:  Is there a table in the house? (Há uma mesa na sala de casa?)

Afirmativa:     There are two tables in the house. (Há duas mesas na casa.)
Negativa:        There are not two tables in the house.(Não há duas mesas na casa.)
Interrogativa:  Are  there  two tables  in the house?(Há duas mesas na casa?)

Observações: Existe a forma contraída nas sentenças negativas:

There is not     =>       There isn't
There are not   =>       There aren't

01. Complete com "there is"  ou  "there are":

  1. _______________ a beautiful girl here.
  2. _______________ three tables in that classroom.
  3. _______________ a  child there.
  4. _______________ a man in the church.
  5. _______________ three glasses there.
  6. _______________ dogs in that house.
 02. Transforme as frases acima em frases negativas e interrogativas:
1. Neg.: _____________________________________________
    Int.:   _____________________________________________ 

2. Neg.: _____________________________________________
    Int.:   _____________________________________________

3. Neg.: _____________________________________________
    Int.:   _____________________________________________ 

4. Neg.: _____________________________________________
    Int.:   _____________________________________________

5. Neg.: _____________________________________________
    Int.:   _____________________________________________ 

6. Neg.: _____________________________________________
    Int.:   _____________________________________________ 



The Silvas have a very beautiful house in the city of Rio de Janeiro. Their house is near the beach and there are many rooms in the house. There is a big kitchen and a very comfortable living-room. There are five bedrooms. In each bedroom  there is a bathroom. There isn't a front yard but there is a backyard and there is a big garage where there are four cars.

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