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Exercises - WILL or GOING TO


A – Using WILL, put the sentences below in  English:

  1. Ele virá no sábado.    

  1. Eu farei o jantar.

  1. Ela cortará o cabelo dele.

  1. Nós vamos lavar o carro.

  1. Você vai aprender inglês.


  1. I have the money, then I _____________________ (to travel) tomorrow.
  2. I think Daniel ______________________ (to be) a doctor when he grows up.
  3. Sally bought the tickets this afternoon, so She ______________________ (to go) to the show tonight.
  4. Dennis and Steve probably ________________________ (to play) video games.
  5. Maybe Jerry ______________________ (to buy) a new house this year.
  6. I’m not sure If I __________________ (to visit) my family this weekend.
  7. John is sure that he __________________________ (to study) at PUC next year.

C – Use the correct verbal tenses:

  1. Mary usually ___________________ (to study) English on Saturdays.
  2. John and I ____________________ (to sleep) late last night.
  3. We ___________________ (to be) at home yesterday night.
  4. Sally and David sometimes ________________ (to go) to the club.
  5. My mother ________________ (to wash) her car yesterday.
  6. My father and my uncle aren’t sure if they ___________________ (to travel) tomorrow.
  7. I won a lot of money, so I _____________________ (to buy) a new car.
  8. _____________________ (there to be) a lot of people here last Sunday.
  9. I __________________ (not – to  go) to the party last night.
  10. Sally sometimes ______________________ (not – to like) to go out at night.
  11. ________ you at home yesterday morning?
  12. ________ your mother go the cinema tomorrow if she has time?
  13. ________ they generally study on Saturdays?
  14. He ______________ (to study) English now.

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