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Exercises with HE / HIS, SHE / HER (Exercícios com HE / HIS, SHE / HER)


Complete the text below using HE / HIS, SHE / HER
(Complete o texto usando HE / HIS, SHE / HER) 

I have a brother. ___________name is Bob. ______________is a student. ______________ teacher is Mr. Fields. ______________first name is Robert. My brother has a girlfriend . ______________first name is Ann. ______________last name is Collins. ______________parents are from the USA. She is a doctor. ______________ is from the USA too. ______________ address is 983 5th Ave. ______________ telephone number is 555-5475. ______________ mother is a nurse. ______________ father is a lawyer. My brother is at home now. _______ dog is there too.

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