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WHO/WHAT QUESTIONS - What to do when we have no Subject

In English we have to put in mind that there is an  order when we ask a question:

     (IF NECESSARY)               VERB                                                                          .                                                                                      

                                    DO                        YOU                WORK                HERE        ?

     WHAT                    DOES                   SALLY             DO                  AT    NIGHT  ?

Sometimes it is not possible to use this order because we do not have SUBJECT . So there is no way to use the auxliliary. The problem is more confused when we have to use  “do”, does” or “did”. Other structures like “verb to be” and “modal verbs” are not so confusing.

FIRST CASE:   Sally invited somebody to have dinner yesterday.

                          WHO   DID    SALLY   INVITE TO HAVE DINNER YESTERDAY?

SECOND CASE:     You don´t know who cooked the dinner yesterday. So you ask this 

                           WHO COOKED DINNER YESTERDAY?

Pay attention:   in this situation you don´t have the subject, so the structure: Wh + auxiliary + subject + verb + complement is not possible. So we have no option and the only solution is to ask the question is this way:

                           WHO COOKED DINNER YESTERDAY?

Here I have some exercises to help you:

I – Follow the examples:

1.    Someone called Jane yesterday night.               Who called Jane Yesterday night?
2.    Mary got a present to someone.                       Who did Mary get a present to yesterday?
3.    Someone will come to visit us.                           _________________________________
4.    Something is happening now.                             _________________________________
5.    Somebody prepares the dinner every night.        _________________________________
6.    Someone knows John.                                      _________________________________
7.    Sally is going to study with someone.                 __________________________________
8.    Somebody woke me up today.                          __________________________________
9.    Someone is getting a present to Sally.                __________________________________
10.    We saw someone in the dark last night.           __________________________________
11.    Sally wakes up somebody everyday.               __________________________________
12.    Someone will get my car tonight.                     ___________________________\-______
13.    Paul is calling someone.                                  __________________________________
14.    Paul said something.                                       __________________________________
15.    Somebody talks to Paul every afternoon.        __________________________________

II – Complete correctly:

1.    Who helps your mother at home?            My sister ____________________
2.    Who got the job?                                    These people _________________
3.    Who is going to travel with you?              My cousin and his girlfriend _____
4.    Who went to the party with Paul?            Sally _______________________
5.    Who is getting married?                           David and Kelly ______________
6.    Who is always on the phone?                  John ________________________
7.    Who teaches math here?                         Her cousin ___________________
8.    Who will come to have dinner with us?    Our grandmother ______________
9.    Who married to Suzan?                           Joseph ______________________
10.    Who usually prepares your breakfast?   I ___________________________
11.    Who wakes you up in the morning?       My mother __________________

III - Complete the following answers:

1.    "Who serves people in a restaurant"?                 "A waiter           does_____."
2.    "Who jumped into the pool?"                             "Christine _____________."
3.    "Who is going to help me with my homework?"  "I ________________."
4.    "Who will go shopping with Daisy?"                   "Ellen ____________."
5.    "Who always arrives late for class?"                   "Susan and her brother ___________."

IV - Complete with the correct form of the verb in parentheses. Use pronouns where necessary.

1.    "Who             called                   you Yesterday?"  "Mrs. Meyer did." (call)
2.    "Who ___________________ this present to?" "She is going to give it to Vince." (give)
3.    "Who ___________________ for the movie" "I invited Mary"  (invite)
4.    "Who ___________________  to? They're talking to Frank." (talk)
5.    "Who ___________________ French in your house?"  "My sister does." (speak)
6.    "Who ___________________ in Washington?"  "David and Mike do." (live)
7.    "Who ___________________ the cake?"  " Sally did" (eat)
8.    'Who ___________________ the car?"  "My father will" (repair)

V – Give a correct answer or the correct question:

Who likes chocolate?        _______________________________
__________________________________    Justin does.
Who won some money?        _______________________________
__________________________________    She won some money.
What did Paul say?        _______________________________
Who are you calling?        _______________________________

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