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Phrasal Verb List - Letter "R" and "S"

rip off (separable): cheat; take advantage of; charge too much.
"Don't even think about buying a car there. They'll rip you off."

round off (separable): change from a fraction to the nearest whole number.
"Round all prices off to the closest whole-dollar amounts. For example, round $33.73 off to $34.00."

run into (inseparable): meet by chance.
"Yesterday at the supermarket, Jan ran into her former roommate. Before yesterday, they hadn't seen each other for nearly five years."

run out of (inseparable): use the last of.
"On the way home from work, Art ran out of gas."

set up (separable): make arrangements for something.
"You'll see Mr. Thomas tomorrow. I've set a meeting up for 9:30 AM."

set back (1. separable): cause a delay in scheduling.
"We've had some problems with the project that have set us back at least two days . We'll give you a progress report tomorrow."

set back (2. separable): cost.
"I wonder how much Bill's new car set him back?"

slip up (no object): make a mistake.
"You slipped up here. The amount should be $135.28, not $132.58."

stand out (no object): be noticeably better than other similar people or things.
"Good job, Ann! Your work really stands out!"

stand up (1. no object): rise to a standing position.
"When the Chairperson entered the room, everyone stood up."

stand up (2. separable): make a date but not keep it.
"Angela was supposed to go to the dance with Fred, but she stood him up and went with Chuck instead."

show up (1. no object): arrive; appear.
"The boss was very upset when you didn't show up for the meeting. What happened?"

show up (2. separable): do a noticeably better job (often unexpectedly) than someone else.
"Everyone thought Marsha would win, but Jean did. Actually, Jean really showed Marsha up."

stand for (1. no object): represent.
"These letters seem to be an abbreviation. Do you know what they stand for?"

stand for (2. inseparable): tolerate; permit (usually negative).
"I'm not surprised that Mrs. Johnson rejected your report. She won't stand for shoddy work."

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