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Phrasal Verb List - Letter "I" "J" and "K"

iron out (separable): mutually reach an agreement; mutually resolve difficulties
"Yes, I know we disagree on lots of things, Susan, but we can iron them out."
 jack up (1. separable): raise / life by using a jack.
"We'll have to jack the back of the car up before we can change the tire."
 jack up (2. separable): raise (used for prices).
"The car dealer bought my old Ford for $750 and jacked the price up to $1,500 when they sold it."

jump all over (inseparable): severely scold someone; berate someone.
"Arthur is really upset. His boss jumped all over him because he's been late for work three times this week."

keep on (1. inseparable--followed by an -ing verb): continue
"I'm not ready to stop yet. I think I'll keep on working for a while."

keep on (someone) (2. inseparable): continue to remind someone to do something until he/she does it (even if this irritates her/him).
"Bill's very forgetful. You'll have to keep on him or he'll never do all the things you want him to do."

kick out (separable): expel; force someone to leave because of his/her poor performance or unacceptable behavior.
"Jim's club kicked him out because he didn't pay his dues or come to meetings."

knock out (separable): make unconscious.
"The boxing match ended when one boxer knocked the other one out."
"That medicine really knocked me out. I slept for 14 hours straight!"

knock oneself out (separable): work much harder than normal or than what is expected.
"We completed the project on timebecause of Chuck. He knocked himself out to be sure we didn't miss the deadline."

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