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Phrasal Verb List - Letter "L" and "M"

lay off (separable): dismiss someone from a job because of lack of work or money (not because of poor performance)
"I feel really sorry Sally's family. Her father was laid off yesterday."

leave out (separable): forget; omit.
"Oh, no! When I made the list of those who attended the meeting, I left your name out!"

let down (separable): disappoint.
"I know I let you down when I didn't do what I promised. I'm really sorry."

let up (no object): become less intense or slower.
"It's been raining hard for a long time. Will it ever let up?"

look back on (inseparable): remember; reflect on / consider something in the past.
"When they looked back on their many years together, they realized that their marriage had been a very happy one."
look down on (inseparable): hold in contempt; regard as inferior.
"It's not surprising that Fred has few friends. He seems to look down on anyone who doesn't like the same things that he does."

look forward to (inseparable): anticipate pleasantly; think about a pleasant thing before it happens
"I'm really looking forward to vacation. I can't wait for it to begin!"

look in on (inseparable): visit in order to check something's / someone's condition.
"My father just came home from the hospital. I plan to look in on him today after I finish work."

look into (inseparable): investigate / get more details about something.
"Someone said there was a meeting at 9:30 but I haven't heard anything about it. Shall I look into it?"

look like (inseparable): resemble (in appearance).
"Does he look like his father or his mother?"

look over (separable): check; review.
"I think I may have some typos in this report. Could you look it over?"

look up (1. separable): find something in a reference work.
"I'm sorry, but I don't know what that word means. I'll have to look it up."

look up (2. separable): find where someone lives or works and visit him/her.
"Thanks for giving me your brother's address. When I'm in Chicago next month, I'll be sure to look him up."

look up to (inseparable): respect.
"Everyone looks up to Joyce because she always makes time to help others."

luck out (no object): be unexpectedly lucky.
"Gloria was worried because she wasn't prepared to give a report at the meeting, but she lucked out because the meeting was postponed."

make fun of (inseparable): make jokes about (usually unkindly).
"I agree that Bob looks ridiculous since he shaved his head, but don't make fun of him. You'll hurt his feelings."

make up (1. separable): invent / create (imaginary) information.
"Judy's story is hard to believe. I'm sure she made it up."

make up (2. separable): compensate for something missed or not done by doing extra or equivalent work.
"I'm sorry I missed the test. May I make it up?"
make up (with) (3. inseparable): re-establish a friendly relationship by admitting guilt.
"Jack and his girlfriend were very angry with each other, but last night they finally made up."
"Jack and his girlfriend were very angry with each other, but last night they finally made up with each other."

make out (separable): see / hear something well enough to understand what it means. (Note: often negative.)
"Ruth's writing is very small. I almost need a magnify glass to make it out."
"What were the last two examples that he gave? I couldn't make them out."
make for (1. inseparable): go to or toward.
"Her teen-aged children are always hungry. As soon as they arrive home from school, they make for the refrigerator."

make for (2. inseparable): result in; cause.
"Many hands make for light work. (If many people work together, there's less work for everyone.)"

mark up (separable): increase the price (for resale).
"Mrs. White's import shop is profitable because she buys things inexpensively and then marks them up."

mark down (separable): reduce the price (as an incentive to buy).
"These shoes were really a bargain! The store marked them down by 40%!"

mix up (separable): cause to become confused.
"I didn't complete the assignment because I didn't know how. The directions mixed me up."

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