quinta-feira, 22 de setembro de 2011

Let's practice some verbs:


1          Sit       sat       sentar
2          Sleep   slept    dormir
3          speak   spoke   falar
4          start     started começar, iniciar
5          stay     stayed, staid   ficar, permanecer
6          stop     stopped           parar
7          study   studied            estudar
8          swim   swam   nadar
9          take     took     tomar
10        talk      talked  falar
11        teach   taught  ensinar
12        tell       told     dizer, contar
13        think    thought           pensar
14        travel   travelled          viajar
15        use       used    usar
16        visit     visited visitar
17        wait     waited esperar
18        wake   woke, waked  despertar, acordar
19        walk    walked            andar, caminhar
20        want    wanted            querer, procurar
21        watch  watched          velar, espreitar, assistir
22        wear    wore    vestir, usar
23        work    worked           trabalhar
24        write    wrote   escrever


1.      What time did you sleep yesterday?
2.      Where did you speak English last Sunday?
3.      What time did you take your car yesterday morning?
4.      Did you teach nursing last Friday? Where?
5.      Where Did you travel on your last vacation?
6.      Did you visit your mother last week? When?
7.      What time did you wake up today?
8.      What did you watch on TV yesterday afternoon?
9.      What time did you stop working last Friday?
10.  Did you work last  Saturday?
11.  Did you write any e-mail yesterday?
12.  What time did you start work today?

B – Change the following sentences to the simple past. Follow the example:

      Model:                        Cindy sleeps early.
                             Cindy slept early yesterday                                           y.

1.      Mary sits in this chair everyday.
2.      Julian stays em Campinas every Monday.
3.      Paula is studying English at night.
4.      David and Paul swim on Saturdays.
5.      I talk to Ms. Smith every week.
6.      My mother always tells me a story.
7.      We think about it every day.
8.      We are using the mixer now.
9.      I will wait for you here.
10.  I walk every night.
11.  July always wants chocolate.
12.  Paul is wearing a t-shirt.

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