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Topic for conversation - Are you a TV addict?


Are you addicted to the television?
Do you spend hours in front of the telly watching programme after programme?
Do you find other ways to pass your time?
Let’s reply these questions and you will find out if you are a TV addict or not.

1. How many hours television do you watch a day?

a) 1 hour or less.
b) 2 hours
c) Something between two and fifteen hours.

2. What's your idea of a romantic night?

a) The theatre, a candlelit dinner and back to my place for coffee.
b) A night on the sofa watching my favorite TV programs.
c) Dancing all night in a disco.

3. If there were a fire in your house, what would you save first?

a) My children, my partner and my pets - in that order.
b) Jewelry, money and expensive furniture
c) The television and my video collection.

4. What's the first thing you do when you get home?

a) Prepare some food - I'm usually starving.
b) Do some exercise, eat then get ready to go out
c) Put your slipper, lie down on the sofa, pick up the remote control and start zapping.

5.  It's sunny outside and you don't have to go to work. What are you going to do?

a) Turn on the television and see what's on
b) Get your bicycle and go for a ride
c) Head for the nearest bar and spend the afternoon drinking with friends.

6. Your partner would like to do something different. You suggest:

a) Doing a new sport such as bungee-jumping
b) Subscribing to a new satellite/cable channel.
c) Going to the nearest travel agency and buying two tickets to a far away country.

7. What's the best way to educate a child?

a) Put the child in front of the television for 12 hours a day.
b) Fill their free time with lots of different activities.
e) Buy them some books and tell them to get reading.

8. What are your favorite topics of conversation?

a) Politics and religion.
b) I don't really have any favorites - I just see where the conversation is going and try to say something interesting and relevant.
e) The things that have happened in the previous episode of my favorite television series  or soap opera.

9. How would you react if you had no television for a week?

a) I would get crazy.
b) I'd go to sleep.
c) I probably wouldn't notice the difference.

10. It's late at night and you're watching TV but there's nothing good on. What do you do?

a) Turn the TV off and go to sleep.
b) Sit down and wait for something good.
e) Get a book  and start reading.

11. What's your idea of the perfect dinner?­

a) Lots of friends, great food, wine, and a lively conversation.
b) Beer, pizza, and my best friend to talk to.
e) Alone on the sofa with a bag of crisps, a beer and the TV.

12. What's your opinion of television and how do you think it can affect our lives?

a) It can teach us how to deal with problems and communicate with others.
b) We should never let television influence or dominate our lives in any way.
c) It can lead to an increase in sex, violence and the use of language.

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