quarta-feira, 21 de setembro de 2011


Use the correct modal verb according to the Idea of the sentece,
1.       Aynur  _________________ drink milk everday.She is very thin.
2.       Students  _________________ leave the classroom before the ring bells.
3.       You   _________________ brush your teeth after breakfast.

4.       Your father   _________________ stop smoking. He is not feeling well these days.
5.       _________________ you pass my pencil to me?
6.       You   _________________ talk aloud in the library.
7.       You   _________________smoke cigarette in hospital.
8.       We   _________________ visit our grandparents more often.
9.       Sally   _________________ GO to the concert tonight. She told me that there  is a possibility.
10.   You   _________________ drive too fast in the city.
11.   This car  _____________  be expensive. It's  very olda.
12.   You  _____________   hurry. We have plenty of time.
13.   I am afraid I  _____________   help you now.
14.   Well, I don't know. He   _____________  visit his parents tomorrow night.
15.   I   _____________  play the piano.
16.   You   _____________  wash your car today. This is Just my opinion.
17.   You must try hard. You give it up.
18.   She go out on Monday.
19.   The traffic light is red! You ______________ stop.
20.   Look at Peter’s car! This car costs a fortune. He _________________ be very rich.

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